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​30 years of Hospitality have created a caterer that knows what it takes to deliver a great party. Mark Admire cooks ‘fun food’ that looks fabulous and tastes even better!!! His eclectic twist on food service here in the Coastal Bend have made him the go to cater for many of the local event organizers.

Coastal Catering prepares great food with a personal touch. Built on a love of all things gastronomic; Mark blends ethnic with personal taste to come-up with dishes that make you think. From Shrimp Paella with a Moroccan flair to a Jambalaya that will rock your world, to Texas Bar-B-Que that is truly exceptional. 

You can’t imagine all the culinary twists and turns he can put on a theme, how about a “Texas Luau”: succulent pulled pork finished with a tangy plumb sauce, served on fresh flour tortillas and topped with jicama slaw and mango salsa (Oh…my it’s good!!!). Between these tasty little treats and a spread of fresh fruits, vegetables and cheeses are incredibly tasty ginger chicken skewered with pineapple (Incredible!). These tasty treats have motivated many a bride to bail on the groom and ask the chef to marry her: on the spot!!! So be warned; the food 'is' that good.

Steaks, seafood, gorgeous trays of fruits and vegetables; there’s not much he can’t make exceptional. Mark has worked with, and consulted to, many restaurant owners and chefs. Writing and refining recipes is a passion and from his customers responses he does it very well. His appreciation for all things gastronomic has left him with the opinion that guides his culinary endeavors: “If I don’t like it, and I can’t fix it my way…don’t expect to see it on my menu.” Needless to say from the looks of the menus he has produced over the years there’s not much he doesn’t like.
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We rarely sit still. between catering, fishing, hunting and all things Port "A". Now we operate the ultimate Private Home Management company.

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Why spent your time fixing; when you should be enjoying yourself. We'll take care your home so can enjoy your vacation time!